B1 – B2 – C1 – C2 English: passing with flying colours

Congratulations to all the candidates who sat Cambridge exams in the March and April 2019 sessions.
Many of the First Certificate candidates did very well and got C1 grades in speaking, listening and Use of English skills.
The Cambridge Advanced group did brilliantly too, scoring top marks in all skills and 3 students got C2 Proficiency in English passes.

Everyone deserved  to do well after all the effort that they put into the preparation, coming regularly to lessons and doing plenty of homework assignments.
The students should be very proud of themselves getting results like this which show that determination and hard work pay off. Well done everyone!

Cambridge Preliminary English B1
Daniele Greta, Pellegrino Paolo

Cambridge First for Schools B2
Bertone Zoe , Bettahi Sara,  Bodino Sofia, Bruna Rosso Sara, Garelli Giacomo, Genovese Ester, Josic Elisa, Parola Fabian, Servetti Martina, Sommacal Federico , Vallati Cristina

Cambridge Advanced C1
Burdese Virginia, Imperato Gaia, Notaristefano Rebecca, Simondi Maddalena

Cambridge Proficiency C2
Brasher Carlo, Rattalino Sara, Rosa Nathalie