Certificazioni linguistiche – ING

New Cambridge Exam Dates

Students previously enrolled for the March 2020 session, who are interested in taking Cambridge First or Advanced this year, should check the calendar and inform Prof Bassi of their chosen date.

Cambridge Advanced

New Advanced lessons on Google Meet
Friday 3/7/20 2.30 – 3.45pm
Monday 6/7/20 2.30 – 3.45pm
Come along for some final revision!
If you haven’t received the access code, please contact Prof Bassi

Cambridge First Certificate course last lessons

New dates for revision

Last days for revision before the exam session:

  • Friday 26/6/2020 2.30pm
  • Tuesday 30/6/2020 2.30 pm
  • Friday 3/7/2020 11.30 am

Join us on Google Meet. The link has been sent on Google Calendar. If you did not receive the link, please contact Prof. Bassi Angela

New exam dates and enrolment information.

All candidates who intend to take a Cambridge exam must fill in the form.



Si comunicano le date e le scadenze relative agli esami
CAE, FCE, PET e KET per l’anno scolastico 2019-2020


The PET and First for Schools Exams organised for 14 March 2020 have been postponed until further notice due to the current health emergency.


Cambridge Advanced lesson postponed

There will be no CAE lesson on Thursday 13 February due to a teachers’ meeting.
The lesson will take place on 12 March from 14.30- 15.45 instead.
The other lesson planned for 5 March will go ahead as planned.

Enrol now for Cambridge PET B1



Feeling ready?

Enrol by FRIDAY 24th JANUARY 2020 !

How to enrol

1) Click on the link and choose your exam and date:  Prenotazioni

2) no later than FRIDAY 24TH JANUARY 2020 PAYMENT BONIFICO BANCARIO ALL’IBAN DELLA SCUOLA IT52R0845010200000000083355 and indicate clearly student’s name, class,  which exam you are taking  ( First or Advanced) and session date

3) Students who do not enrol in time will not be eligible for the Italian School Project discount and may not be able to take the exam on the chosen date


The Cambridge Advanced C1 lesson arranged for 31 October will not be held due to school closure. The lesson will be brought forward toTUESDAY 29 OCTOBER 2019 from 14.30 – 16.00 instead.


Ready to kick off?
Enrol now!
Courses for First For Schools B2 and Cambridge Advanced English C1 start this month!


First for Schools  –  15 hours – €30
Dates   (Thursdays 2.30 pm – 4.00 pm)
10 October – 24 October
28 November
12 December  – 19 December
23 January
6 February – 20 February – 27 February
12 March

Advanced –  10 hours –  €20
Dates   (Thursdays 2.30 pm – 4.00 pm)
17 October  – 31 October
5 December
16 January – 30 January
13 February  (2.30 – 3.45 pm)
5 March (2.30 – 3.45 pm)

How to Enrol

1. Click on the link below and choose your course level

Enrol here for Cambridge Advanced C1 link
Enrol here for Cambridge First for Schools B2 link

2. no later than MONDAY 21st OCTOBER 2019 PAYMENT BONIFICO BANCARIO ALL’IBAN DELLA SCUOLA IT52R0845010200000000083355

    • Indicate clearly student’s name, class and course ( First or Advanced)
    • First For Schools – 15 hour course –  €30
    • Cambridge Advanced – 10 hour course –  €20
    • External students pay €10 extra per course
    • Students will be admitted upon payment, but one trial lesson is allowed
    • Course fees do not cover Exams fees nor books

3. A book will be used during the course.

For First For Schools we will be using CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH FIRST FOR SCHOOLS 2 WITH ANSWERS . You can buy your own copy or order one through the school.

ISBN 978 – 1 – 316 – 50352- 2 (with downloadable audio)

A cheaper version is available with no audio.

For CAE we will be using  CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH ADVANCED TRAINER WITH ANSWERS (2nd Edition). You can buy your own copy or order one through the school.

ISBN 978 – 1 – 107 – 47027 – 9 (with downloadable audio)

IELTS – unfortunately, due to the low number of students interested, there will be no IELTS course.

PHOTOCOPIABLE MATERIAL– this will soon be available for you to download and bring to class. Watch this space!